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SAMAY® Intelli-Bowser: SAMAY® Intelli-Bowser is an intelligent bowser which prevents fuel thefts and provides complete transparency in fuelling data, real-time reporting on your smartphone or computer / laptops, and detailed reports on your fuelling activities. With the SAMAY® Intelli-Bowser, you can get printed receipts for every re-fuelling activity along with detailed reports there by creating a high level of transparency and eliminating losses due to data manipulation and/or pilferage of fuel. SAMAY® Intelli-Bowsers are highly beneficial for the companies having about 1000 Liters to 4000 Liters of fuel consumption per day.


950 Liters to 2,400 Liters

Bowser Type

On a Moving chassis or Towable trolley or Stationary as per your requirement

Features of SAMAY® Intelli-Bowser

  • Authorized re-fuelling only
  • Pre-set limits to fuel dispensing
  • Robust & user-friendly system
  • Real time reporting
  • Accountability for every litre of fuel dispensed with printed receipts & accuracy of ±0.1%
  • Remote monitoring of entire re-fuelling activity
  • Multiple formats of report available on cloud & accessible via smartphones & laptops
  • Comes with standard safety features as prescribed by the explosives department
  • Nano-coating & anti-corrosion paint on body to prevent rusting
  • Elimination of contaminants while re-fuelling via efficient filtration system