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The sophistication of machinery and equipment used in the mining, construction and infra industry is so high that even the minutest aspect of the process affects the overall operating costs and efficiency. Amongst all the major costs involved for a project, a significant amount of the same is towards the cost of fuel. Fuel becomes a very crucial element in mining and infrastructure operations as it powers all the equipment at site level which in turn are responsible for day-to-day site operations.

Amongst all the operational issues, fuel contamination is one of the most severe and often neglected issues having significant adverse consequences. Contamination can be due to several reasons like mishandling, pilferages, bad quality, etc. However, its after-effects follow a chain of events thereby adding up to costs, reducing overall equipment productivity & project schedules.

In spite of all these consequences, with certain preventive measures, these after-effects can be avoided with some attention towards the quality of fuel dispensed into the equipments. Here is where SAMAY® Bulk Filtration Trolley plays a very vital role.

SAMAY® Bulk Filtration Trolleys are custom-made based on several factors like project type, site operation, fuel consumption, equipments available, filtration efficiency, etc. The combination of components ensures ISO 4406 level of cleanliness code for your fuels.