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Established in 1980, Mehta Earthmovers fabricates specialized vehicles like SAMAY® Diesel Bowsers, SAMAY® Service Vans, SAMAY® Explosive Vans, etc and also works with several leading multinational companies and Indian corporations. Today, Mehta Earthmovers is recognized for the immense role the company has played in making world-class quality solutions locally accessible, and the high quality of their customer service solutions. Mehta Earthmovers uncompromising stance on quality and economy, which is backed by a robust service staff, has earned them the support and loyalty of numerous customers.


With our team of engineers, we aim to provide efficient, quick and high-quality service at customer sites for any issues they may face.


Mehta Earthmovers emphasizes on maintaining outstanding quality standards, in terms of both our product range, and the customer service we offer your enterprise.