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Hectronic is a 50+ years German company that provides end-to-end fuel management system for infrastructure, mining, port, cement, airport, railways & defence industries. The Fuel Management System  is a fuelling automation system comprising of a combination of robust hardware components integrated with advanced software systems. This system provides transparency and accountability for every unit of fuel right from its receipt at site to the dispensing in equipment, thereby preventing any thefts and losses due to pilferage. Further, this system is highly robust and made with the consideration of working in the harshest environment very efficiently. With over 15,000 installations globally and around 700 installations in India, We at Mehta Earthmovers are proud partners with Hectronic.

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Benefits of Hectronic Fuel Management System

  • Robust system
  • Complete transparency towards your fueling activities (inward and outward)
  • Remotely monitor and control fueling activity in real-time across multiple sites
  • Authorized refueling
  • Integration with ERP / SAP Systems
  • Remote data availability
  • Multiple formats of reports

What can this system do for you?

  • Prevent Fuel Theft and its losses due to data manipulation
  • Eliminate unauthorized dispensing
  • Save cost and increase profits