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The modern world is powered by technology - technology which expands industries, strengthens economies, and changes lives. These advancements can only be realized when technology is easily accessible, and is backed by a steadfast commitment to maintaining high quality and competitive pricing standards, and providing comprehensive customer service solutions.

Mehta Earthmovers was founded in 1980 with the vision of fulfilling these evolving needs of the rapidly-developing construction industry in India. Over the years, Mehta Earthmovers has earned the trust, support and cooperation of a vast customer base, and is now an authorized distributor for several leading multinational equipment manufacturers and Indian corporations.

Browse through our comprehensive product range to discover the several advantages Mehta Earthmovers has to offer your enterprise.

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At Mehta Earthmovers, our dedication to quality is second to none. We aim to meet, if not exceed, our customers' needs and expectations...

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