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Mobile Fuel Browser / Dispenser and Tanks

Mobile Fuel Browsers / Dispensers and Tanks are widely used for helicopter-fueling, and by Roads and Runways contractors for transporting fuel to different locations. Mehta Earthmovers offers fuel browsers / dispensers of 2KL to 9KL capacities, with PTO-driven pumps. L&T equipment undergo stringent quality control, to allow you maximum returns from your investment:


  • Mobile Fuel Browsers / Dispensers are fabricated as per the revised guidelines of the Indian Petroleum Act, have PTO-driven pumps, CCOE Approval and Calibration certificates.

  • All accessories, fittings and safety features are as per the sole approval of the Explosive Department.

  • All tanks are tested to 5 PSI water column

  • Tanks are covered by a 1-year warranty against leakage

Please note:

  • In case of Fuel Browser with DC electric pump, the CCOE Approval and Calibration certificate is available for the tank only.

  • For 12 KL fuel tanks, the CCOE approval and calibration certificate is available for the tank only.
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