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Corporate Overview:
Established in 1980, Mehta Earthmovers is an authorized dealer for several leading multinational companies and Indian corporations. Today, MEM is recognized for the immense role the company has played in making world-class quality solutions locally accessible, and the high quality of their customer service solutions. Mehta Earthmovers' uncompromising stance on quality and economy, which is backed by a robust service staff, has earned them the support and loyalty of numerous customers. Learn more about the immense MEM product range on the Products page, and the several noteworthy companies MEM is an authorized distributor for on the OEM page.

Mehta Earthmovers aims to be a globally-recognized leader in providing quality, versatile and easily accessible solutions, and exceptional service.

At Mehta Earthmovers, we aim to provide your enterprise with the best value for your investment with us, by focusing on three principal ideals:

  • Quality: MEM emphasizes on maintaining outstanding quality standards, in terms of both our product range, and the customer service we offer your enterprise.
  • Easy Accessibility: With MEM, your enterprise is only an email, or a telephone call, away from a high quality, economic and versatile product range. Our representatives are always at hand to assist you with any queries or address all your concerns, while our dedicated service team help your optimize the benefits from your equipment.
  • Rapid Growth: At MEM, we believe in constantly innovating and expanding our product range to match the growing needs of your enterprise, thus making world-class technology locally and easily available.

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