The Unic truck-mounted crane is very versatile and can be used for demanding, divergent tasks like transporting heavy machinery, erection, delivering building material, plant maintenance, handling pre-fab construction, installation jobs, maintaining railroads, timber transportation and gardening. A truck-mounted crane eliminates the need to mobilize a vehicle and a crane separately, thus reducing the need for scheduling two separate units. Further, the working range of crane is enhanced, and the set-up time is reduced, which improves productivity, safety and lead times. Faster operations enable productive utilization of the vehicle and the crane, while the space utilized for operation is kept to a minimum. As a result, other operations can be carried out in the same area, at the same time.


  • Fully hydraulic system ensures fast, smooth and easy operations.

  • Extendable telescopic boom.

  • Boom can be lifted/lowered 1 0 -78 0

  • Wire roe to lift and lower objects.

  • 360 continuous rotations.

  • Numerous safety features.

  • Can be mounted on Indian trucks.

  • Minimum servicing required.

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UNIC Cranes
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